Audition to Become a Contestant Today!

You Could Be Next!

Are you our next – MISS INFINITY® International for 2020-21 ?!!!

You could win the following prizes….

  • International Crown & Sash for your age division!
  • Logo Gifts & Accessories!
  • $3,000 Cash Award!!!
  • Official “Queen’s Retreat & Vacation” Cruise to the Bahamas for the International competition!
  • And so much more!!!

Age Categories

  • Princess (7-9)
  • Junior (10-12)
  • Teen (13-19; never been married, nor given birth)
  • Miss (20-36; any marital status, with or without children)
  • Ms. (37 or older; any marital status, with or without children)

Areas of Competition

For your Country’s National title appointment program, you’ll compete in the following categories….

How To Audition!

We accept auditions, globally, for the following National Pageant Programs:

  • MISS INFINITY® America,
  • MISS INFINITY® Australia,
  • MISS INFINITY® Canada,
  • MISS INFINITY® United Kingdom, &
  • MISS INFINITY® New Zealand

Each are official prelims to the 2020-21 Miss Infinity® International pageant finals being held “live” in December 2020! Everyone, first, will need to start out by competing for & winning their country’s title before moving on to compete internationally. In order to become a contestant in your country’s appointed title program, you’ll first need to audition.

  • LOCATIONS: The National pageant programs for America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom & New Zealand will be held on-line as title appointment programs. No traveling is necessary to compete and you must submit your materials online for judging in order to win your country’s title.
  • DATES: The National pageant title appointment programs for America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom & New Zealand will be held on-line from now until June 25th, 2020 (w/ winners to be announced on July 4th!).
  • If you are appointed to be your country’s queen for your age division, more information about the “live” international pageant dates, location, etc. will be shared after the winner’s announcement date of July 4th!
  • There is a $195 Sponsorship Fee required for your state queen’s crown & sash; in order to compete. Of that, a $45 deposit will be due with the submission of your audition application in order to apply for a state title.
  • The last day to submit your audition application to become a contestant in the Miss Infinity America program, is currently January 19th, 2020.
  • For USA Residents, please CLICK HERE to submit your audition application. The audition form covers more info on the required sponsorship fee to get your state queen’s crown & sash!

Copyright Miss Infinity® International 2019 – All rights reserved; Recruiting done by Faces of Global Change® photo contests. Each are Officially produced by the Shana E. International Scholarship Program & Productions, Inc. (82-5362846)

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